Membership Application


Application for membership is to be made on the Association's prescribed form (the Association's prescribed form can be downloaded from this website) and same shall be submitted to the Secretary by post. An application shall be proposed by either two basic members or two permanent members, and shall be put up on the notice board for one week. If it draws no objection after one week, it shall be considered by the Management Committee. In case of a rejection, no reason shall be given. Once the application is approved, the applicant is to pay the entrance fee, and he shall be either Basic Member or Permanent Member and be given a copy of the Association's Rules.


The Association's entrance fee shall be $20.00 per basic member, $100.00 per Business firm (Permanent Basic Member shall be exempted). Every Basic Member shall pay an annual subscription of $24.00, and in case of a business firm $120.00.


Click Here to download The Application Form